Vice City Super Cheat Codes

vice City Super Cheat Codes

All cheats cheats for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PC - Super Cheats Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Everything you need to know here including armour, health, weapons, and money. There s also a cheat to have bikini girl guards with Colt. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats. Plenty of cheats for you to try out including codes for weapons, armour and health. GTA Vice City Cheats PC: Every Single Crazy Code Included - GTA We ll also tell you how you reach the. How to complete dildo dodo mission in gta vice city How do you get. All our cheats and codes for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Like all other Grand Theft Auto games, the PC version of GTA. Vice City includes optional cheat codes that players can use to either make the. Stilllikedressingup Player model changed randomly, cheatshavebeencracked Player model is Ricardo Diaz. Ammo Trick edit If you pick up the regular shotgun at your hidout (from starfish island ) and then go out and find the spas or benelli shotgun out in the city, your 50 shells from the regular shotgun. This will earn you a four star wanted level. Programmer Player model changed to skinny. Gettherequickly Spawns a Bloodring Banger (alternate). Once the mission fails, the Admiral 's doors will be unlocked and you can drive it back to the garage of your choice. Thugstools Weapon set #1, professionaltools Weapon set #2. Mission 1- 'the party'- first go to rafels clothes shop and pick up the clothes. Onearmedbandit - Play as Phil Cassidy. He Sleeps With dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenchaichi 3 Cheat Codes 5 the Fishes edit Get a boat.
  • GTA Vice City PC Cheats and Codes
  • Go to the Pay N' Spray at Ocean beach, then go south and take the first left. To shake the cops, you can turn left to the nearby Pay N' Spray. Gettherefast Spawns how To Install Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mods On Mac a Sabre Turbo, getthereveryfastindeed Spawns a Hotring Racer, getthereamazinglyfast Spawns a Hotring Racer (alternate). Travelinstyle - Spawns a Bloodring Banger. Idonthavethemoneysonny - Play as Sonny Forelli.
  • This page contains a list of GTA Vice City cheats, Easter eggs, and other secrets for. Looklikehilary Player model is Hilary King. Walk into the manager's office to get 1/3 of the cash.
  • Vice City Super Cheat Codes
  • The car will start rocking, and your "health" will grow from 100 to 125. This health-up only works until the next time you die. Submitted by Jared and Joey "Easter Egg" Easter Egg edit Head to the 8-10 VCN Building (the news building) on the west island of Vice City. Activate the Guardian Angels mission (from Colonel Cortez and kill the Haitian gang members.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City Theme. Stilllikedressingup - Random Change of Clothes. Was this guide helpful? It's not much, but it's easy cash. Check out the bathroom in apartment vice City Super Cheat Codes 3c and compare it to the movie. Rockandrollman - Play as Love Fist character Jezz Torent. Make a sprinting jump through the window and you should see an empty room with an easter egg in the middle. The rest is in the room with the elevator, on the right side. You can check out the GTA Vice City Cheats in action in our cool rampage video below. Icanttakeitanymore Kill self, youwonttakemealive Increase Wanted Level, leavemealone Decrease Wanted Level.
First, take the vice City Super Cheat Codes Comet nearby and drive it next to the fence. Beach Ball edit Go to Starfish island.

Super Cheats: Vice City Super Cheat Codes

This page contains a list of GTA. Vice City cheats, Easter eggs, and other secrets for. The PC version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City allows. Restore health: aspirine Gain/restore armor: preciousprotection Suicide.

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